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Watch this video to learn all about 123 Petits Pas’s new online French learning database!

Now any child ages 2-6years can access fun French learning with Madame Amy whenever, wherever!

Sing, dance, play, laugh…at 123 Petits Pas we believe French learning should be as FUN as possible!

The Online Playground



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Over 40 Educational Videos

All videos are high quality sound and video with fun special effects and visuals added to ensure engaged learning. All videos are in French with written subtitles and English translations.

Learn French anytime, anywhere!

Your one-time payment allows you 4 months’ access to watch the videos whenever you like, as often as you like! Want access for longer? After your initial purchase, you’ll be invited to join the $5/month bonus club. As long as you continue with your small monthly payment you’ll have access to the entire database PLUS bonus content and opportunities.

Easy to navigate

Choose whether you’d like to watch a lesson through music, movement, laughter, or fun! The database is very easily navigated with tabs that help to seperate the video categories, and recommendations for videos to watch next!

Made for any level of French!

These videos are made for children with any level of French (from zero to bilingual). Adults can learn and understand too because we’ve added subtitles with English translations where needed!

Safe, Ad-Free Space

There’s no need to worry about any ad interruptions or inappropriate/unrelated content! Know that your child is safe to click through the videos without running into any unwanted content.

Learn beyond the 4 month program

You’ll have access to the 123 Petits Pas Online playground for as long as your are a member. No need to re-purchase the playground just pay $5/m to keep going back to courses at your leisure.

Unlock guest teachers and bonus lessons

New bonus lessons will be added to the Bonus Access playground regularly!

BONUS Ongoing Access Pass





Optional bonus add-on

After your initial purchase, choose to add extra French learning opportunities for a small monthly fee!

Learn beyond the 4 month program

You’ll have access to the 123 Petits Pas Online playground for as long as your are a member. No need to re-purchase the playground just pay $5/m to keep going back to courses at your leisure.

Unlock guest teachers and bonus lessons

New bonus lessons will be added to the Bonus Access playground regularly!

Are you a Childcare / Education Centre?

contact us for group rates.

Reach out to Mme Amy directly at info@123petitspas.com to discuss our group rates.





M. Mélangé

French Themed Lessons

What is 123 Petits Pas ON DEMAND?

Fun French Learning for young children

Madame Amy has been teaching French through fun online and in-person classes for years now, but we often had requests for recordings from families who couldn’t make it to live classes. 123 Petits Pas ON DEMAND now ensures that any family has the opportunity to learn French alongside Madame Amy! Our live participants now also have the opportunity to practice their favourite French tunes and lessons throughout the week while they wait for their next class!


Videos crafted by Amy Maan of 123 Petits Pas
  • A registered French as a second language teacher in Ontario, Canada
  • Founder of 123 Petits Pas Inc., 5 star review in-person and online French classes for families with children ages 0-7 years.
  • With an educational background in theatre and French as a second language teaching, Amy Maan specializes in teaching French through music, movement, mystery, and laughter.
  • Her goal? For students to see French learning as a hobby vs. a school subject.
  • “Madame Amy”‘s 123 Petits Pas method of French teaching has now been tried and tested with over 2500 participants to date.
Government Funded Program

123 Petits Pas Inc. was awarded a grant through the government-funded project entitled “Bilingual Ottawa” by l’Association des Communautés Francophones d’Ottawa in order to bring this project to light. We are so excited to help support and increase Canada’s bilingualism through this French learning platform!

Who is this for?
  • Families with children ages 2-6 years who are looking for a fun way to learn French together.
  • OR Bilingual families looking for fun French videos to enjoy together.  
  • OR Facilities/schools/centres looking to add French learning to their offerings
  • Educators looking for a database of French videos to incorporate into their lessons.
How long do I have access to all content?

Your one-time initial purchase allows you 4 months of unlimited use. If you choose to add the bonus package (a $5 monthly fee), you will continue to have access to the entire database along with extra bonus content and opportunities.

I am a childcare centre / school / school board / representative looking to gain group access.

Please reach out to us at info@123petitspas.com to receive details on our group rates and packages.

What level of French is this geared towards?

All levels! Whether a child is just beginning his/her French learning journey or is fluent, 123 Petits Pas ON DEMAND has been made with all levels in mind. With music, movement, and helpful visuals, our lessons are easy to follow no matter a child’s prior knowledge. There are also subtitles that include English translations for adults who need the support as well.

How am I permitted to use this learning platform?

Paying users are permitted to use the on demand platform with their children or children/students in their care. Users are not permitted to share their login details with those who are not registered to the program. Groups & facilities are required to purchase group access in order to receive permissions for multiple users. The content of 123 Petits Pas ON DEMAND may not be modified, copied, reproduced, re-published, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way and may not be used for any profit-making activities or any commercial gain. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on the subject: info@123petitspas.com

How many hours of French learning are included?

There are over 40 educational French videos included in 123 Petits Pas ON DEMAND’s learning database. The videos are kept short (between 2-6 minutes in length) in order to keep little ones’ attentions the entire time. Thes videos are not meant to only be watched once as repetition is key to language learning! The songs, movement games, and lessons are meant to be watched over and over and could provide French learning support for years to come! 

What does the bonus add-on include?

Once you purchase your initial 4 month access to the OnDemand program individuals have the option of adding a bonus package for $5 CA a month.
This bonus package includes:

  1. Bonus recorded content:
    • French cooking videos with Mme Mélissa
    • Bonus lessons with Mme Amy & Mme Vanessa
    • New content as it comes in
  2. Live virtual opportunities:
    • Access a calendar with links to join optional live learning opportunities with Mme Vanessa, Mme Amy, and Mme Melissa!
  3. Have continued access to the OnDemand platform for as long as you continue your $5 CA monthly payment.
Can a daycare / school purchase the bonus add-on?

Yes! But the fee for groups is different. Please contact info@123petitspas.com for details.

Can I purchase the bonus add-on at a later date?

Yes, you can choose to wait and purchase the bonus add-on later. However, it must be purchased prior to your 4 month access ending otherwise there is a re-instatement fee of $25, plus the $5 reoccuring fee. Also note that live virtual learning opportunities are only available to those who have purchased the bonus add-on.

The Online Playground




Add the bonus package for continued learning!

BONUS Ongoing Access Pass




Learn beyond the 4 month program

You’ll have access to the 123 Petits Pas Online playground for as long as you are a member. No need to re-purchase the playground, just pay $5/m to continue accessing the learning database at your leisure.

Unlock guest teachers and bonus lessons

Bonus lessons & content as well as live virtual opportunities are available to those with the bonus add-on. See FAQ above for more details!

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