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we get the struggle

Nowadays, we know how beneficial it is to speak multiple languages, and, as parents, this can be extra frustrating if we only speak one language ourselves. We also know how difficult it can be to get out of the house with young children! 123 Petits Pas Online is the solution to both of these struggles. We’ve combined adult French lessons with parent & child interactive classes and have made it accessible online so that the learning can occur anytime, anywhere!

is this different from learning on youtube?

A Community Experience:

As a participant of 123 Petits Pas Online, you have access to our participant messaging board where parents can ask questions, share their findings, and support one another through their learning. This is the same group that you’ll get to meet and practice your French with during our online live classes offered throughout the year! You will FOREVER have access to this community of parents and children- our group will grow and learn French together.

Videos crafted by Madame Amy
  • A registered French as a second language teacher in Ontario, Canada
  • These lessons have been tested for the past 2 years during in-person Parent & Child (Ages 0-4yrs) French classes.
  • Mother of a 3 year old who is French speaking (although living in a primarily English environment). <- You’ll get to meet him during your classes! 
Chat with parents in the same boat

Our online community board ensures that parent participants feel supported in their learning.
Have a question? Chances are someone else will have the same one. We can all benefit from sharing our questions, comments, and experiences. Our online community group will continuously grow and learn together.
You will also have the chance to chat and practice together during our online live classes. 

Learn in your child's comfort zone

Having a safe, positive space is essential to learning. The fact that your child is already in their “comfort zone” ensures that the learning can begin ASAP.

Join anywhere in the world

Perhaps you’ve heard about 123 Petits Pas Parent & Child classes but you live too far away to attend ?
123 Petits Pas Online allows any parent and child to join from ANYWHERE.
With our participant community board and our online live classes, we hope you will feel a sense of community even though you haven’t even had to leave your house.

Bilingual self care for you!

Sometimes, although you’re rarely alone, parenthood can feel lonely. Our program allows you to learn something new for yourself while bonding and providing an incredible opportunity for your little one. 


Eight pre-recorded classes

So you can learn when the classes best fit into your schedule! No need to worry about nap time, vacations or illnesses. Attend class when the time is right for you!

Learning documents

So that your new vocabulary is easily accessible and can be printed out or saved on your phone for practice throughout your daily life. 

Parent Community Board

So you can meet other parents and children learning French and can support one another throughout your 123 Petits Pas online journey and beyond.

Resource Library

So you can easily practice your child’s favourite songs and have quick access to your learning documents.

Live Classes

Continued invites to our live online sessions where you can get to know Madame Amy while practicing what you’ve learned with other parents and children.

Special Discounts

As participants of 123 Petits Pas, various special events, new classes, and discounts related to French language learning will be shared with you. 

We know getting out of the house is a task and so we brought your beginner French lessons to the comfort of your home (or anywhere!). All lessons are easy on your brain, engaging for young children, and a win-win for everyone involved.

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