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Follow the weekly plan below step-by-step OR in any order you desire. The ultimate goal is to make the learning quick, easy, and fun!

Here’s a link with all the accompanying downloads for this week.

Extra Resources:

Click the link at the end of each weekly plan to access “Madame Amy’s classroom” for extra French resources and support related to the week’s plans.

This week’s focus: 

Step 1. Watch the parent instructions video. 

Step 2. Watch the parent & child video

Step 3. Complete this week’s task.

Step 4. Complete this week’s letters and words of the week activities.


Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

Step 3. This Week’s French Tasks:

We’ll practice these in the parent & child video, but there’s a funny game you can use it for afterwards (watch videos for details).

Madame Amy explains this journal entry worksheet in the videos above. 🙂 

Step 4. Les lettres / mots de la semaine: Fun worksheets to practice our letters / words of the week:

Vowel Song: Although it may seem like just a silly little song, it’s actually my sneaky way of having your child begin to read. I highly recommend practicing this song on your own and coming up with a fun way to allow your child to choose the letters. Once your child starts to guess the sounds you’ll sing, your little one is one big step ahead of the reading game! 🙂 

L’alphabet: For continued alphabet practice!

MAKE IT FUN! <- click here to see different ways to complete this task

This week’s focus: Counting from 1 – 10 and ABAB patterning. Please watch the parent and child video for full explanation of these fun activities!

Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

This week’s math tasks:
We’re making and completing ABAB patterns. Les suites =  patterns, pron: “lay sweet”

Step 3. This Week’s Math Tasks:

Task 1. We’re patterning! Patterning is a major expectation in the kindergarten curriculum (and beyond). We’re going to start simply with ABAB patterning. Read the parent explanations for ways to simplify or advance this activity. 

Task 2. Practice your patterning skills in a fun & interactive way. Choose 2 or more of the suggestions in the document below to learn patterning through fun!

MAKE IT FUN! <- Fun ideas on how to practice your French counting

This week’s topic:  On explore les couleurs. We’re exploring colours and mixing them!

Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

This week’s science activity: Le jour vs. la nuit
Be sure to watch both videos above to learn more about this week’s activity! When ready, click on the image above to download & see the parent instructions/translation. 

Les arts visuels: Here’s a really easy craft related to this week’s science lesson. Madame Amy explains how to make & use it in the videos above.

It’s a DIY toilet paper roll projector! 

You need / Besoin:

  • Toilet Paper Roll / un rouleau de papier de toilette 
    pron: “uh roo-low duh pah-pyay duh twah-let”
  • Plastic wrap / de la pellicule plastique
    pron: “duh lah peh-lee-kewl plah-steek”
  • An elastic / un élastique 
    pron: “uh nay-lah-steek”
  • Thick material to make shapes to project (ex: foam, cardboard, thick paper)
  • Optional: paper, stickers, crayons for your child to decorate their projector 

Outdoor activities related to this week’s learning:

No need for a parent explanation video this week! These activities are pretty self explanatory. 

Activity 1. Patterning with objects found in nature. Ex: roche, feuille, roche, feuille. Use google translate if you need help with name of nature items.

Activity 2. Step outside during the day with your child. Ask them what they see. As them what they hear. Take a photo.
Do the same thing after dark. Ask them what they see, what they hear, take a photo. 
Compare the two photos. Talk about “Le jour” and “la nuit”.

Did they make any interesting observations? Did they ask any questions? Go with it! Let your child take the lead.

Helpful Outdoor Vocabulary:

Messages to Madame

If you would like to send me videos or photos of your child’s work / French practice, I would love to see it! I’ve found the easiest way is through instagram stories, posts, or even private message to our account. Not a fan of instagram? Not to worry! Feel free to send anything my way via email. Just note that sometimes photos/videos can be too large to send!

I will always do my best to respond asap to help encourage your little one 🙂

Parents Speaking French:

Oftentimes children can reject their parent speaking another language because it’s not what they’re used to. Don’t take this personally. Children enjoy their parents being their constant- it’s why young children can sometimes get upset when their parent gets a haircut! It’s not that they don’t like it, it’s just that it’s different and it can make them feel uncomfortable.

But what’s the solution? Make it normal. Use this program as a new beginning. The more you speak it, the more normal it will be to them, and the less they will reject it.

I’m also here to help! I will be making a short video and posting it in our Facebook group in order to encourage children to “let you” speak French to them 😉

Extra French Practice : Madame Amy’s Classroom

If you are looking for extra French resources and practice to support this week’s learning, click the link below (p.s. the link to the classroom changes each week). This is a mini website that allows you extra French practice related to each week’s plans! Let your child explore our virtual classroom by clicking on each of the items. 



I so appreciate you all being a part of this JK/SK learning community and I hope you enjoy this week’s French plans.

Madame Amy 🙂