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Follow the weekly plan below step-by-step OR in any order you desire. The ultimate goal is to make the learning quick, easy, and fun!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your French JK/SK lesson plans! This week we’re saying “J’ai fini” and practicing the days of the week. We’re also practicing our patterning with shapes, completing a hand washing experiment in science, and practicing “le toucher” (= touch) vocabulary in nature. 

Here’s a link with all the accompanying downloads for this week.

Extra Resources:

Click the link at the end of each weekly plan to access “Madame Amy’s classroom” for extra French resources and support related to the week’s plans.

This week’s focus: Name writing, the alphabet, common words/phrases

Step 1. Watch the parent instructions video. 

Step 2. Watch the parent & child video

Step 3. Complete this week’s task.

Step 4. Complete this week’s letters and words of the week activities.


Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

Step 3. This Week’s French Tasks:

Mon journal: Here’s another “mon journal” page that you can be sure to keep and re-use whenever you like! This week’s journal entry includes circling the day of the week, the weather, and our letters Y et Z.

J’ai fini: A new book added to our class library.

  • A “J’ai fini” book has been added to our class library. You can click “read to me” to have me read the book as you turn the pages. 
  • Don’t forget you can always use book creator as a fun way to make your own books relevant to what we’ve been learning in class. You could work together with your child to make their own “J’ai fini” book if you’d like!

J’ai fini:

  • Print these To-Do lists out to help you and your child practice the phrase “j’ai fini”. This is a great way to plan out your days or your works, while ensuring they get a lot of practice saying “j’ai fini” and checking it off once each task is complete. 

Step 4. Les lettres / mots de la semaine: Fun worksheets to practice our letters / words of the week:

Les mots de la semaine: See to-do list above for your “j’ai fini” worksheet. (No link below)

MAKE IT FUN! <- click here to see different ways to complete this task

L’alphabet: For continued alphabet practice!

This week’s focus: Counting from 1 – 10 and patterning with shapes. 

Does your child already know how? Wonderful! Just like with any regular kindergarten class, we need to start from the basics to ensure everyone is on the same page. Not to worry, we will build upon our knowledge and the classes will get more advanced as we go. 

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

Task 1. Patterning with shapes game. Download the pdf presentation below and practice “les formes” (shapes) through patterning. Have your child guess which shape should replace the blank spot. If you need to review your shapes and pronunciation, you can see last week’s activity here

P.s. Downloading is better for these types of game/presentations because when you click the down arrow key, the answer will “magically” appear vs. if you just open on dropbox, you have to scroll down to the next slide and it loses some fun 😉 

Task 2. Shape patterning with play dough. As seen in your parent & child math class this week, a fun way to practice patterning with shapes is by making imprints in play dough. Other fun ways to practice shape patterning: with stamps, with stickers, making shapes in mud or sand, drawing shapes…etc!

Task 3. Lance et colorie. Since the last one of these was such a hit, I’ve made another one to practice their counting in a fun & active way! Open the document below for parent instructions and pronunciation.

MAKE IT FUN! <- Fun ideas on how to practice your French counting

This week’s topic:  Hand washing and science experiment!

Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

This week’s experiment:

For the experiment in this week’s science video, you will need: a white plate or bowl with some water, black pepper, and some dish soap. Please watch the 2 minute parent video for further explanation! 


Science Experiment Journal:Here is the journal entry we will be completing each time we do a science experiment. As mentioned in the parent video, the real goal of kindergarten science experiments is really just to get their minds guessing about possible cause and effects. 

  • Les matériaux = materials (pron: “lay mah-tay-ree-oh”)
  • Avant = before (pron: “ah-vaw”)
  • Ma prédiction = my prediction (pron: “mah pray-deek-see-ohw”)
  • Après = after (pron: “ah-praih”)

Kindergarten level scientific journals are usually all drawings. I know we have a couple grade 1ers here though, so please feel free to have them write in the spaces instead of draw if that’s where your child is at! 

Bonus: Here’s a fun French song & video about mixing colours!

Outdoor activities related to this week’s learning:

This week’s outdoor education task uses your senses! 

Activity 1. Le toucher dans la nature (touch in nature), go exploring various textures found in nature. Say “touche ça” (touch that), pron: “toosh sah”, followed by “C’est ________” (fill in the blank with the texture that it is). Example: “Touche la roche. C’est lisse.” (Touch the rock, it’s smooth), pron: “toosh lah rush, seh leess”.

Try and find the three textures and use the phrases below: 

L’écorce est rugueuse = bark is rough, pron: “lay-cohrs eh rew-guhz”

La mousse est douce = moss is soft, pron: “lah mooss eh dooss”

Cette plante est épineuse = This plant is prickly, pron: “set plawnt eh ay-pee-nuhz”

Ces feuilles sont mouillées = These leaves are wet, pron: “Say fuh-ee sohw moo-yay”

Textures found above: 

  • rugueuse / rugueux = rough
  • mouillée / mouillé = wet
  • épineuse / épineux = prickly 
  • douce / doux = soft 

Since textures are describing words, their endings change based on whether the object they’re describing is masculin or feminine. No need to mention this to the children- just a little side note for parents to help understand why there are two ways of spelling the words above. Too much to handle? Just try and find the items and textures I provided you with above. I have done the “work” for you. 🙂 

Activity 2. Bring some different textured items home and make some crayon tracings!

Helpful Outdoor Vocabulary:

Messages to Madame

If you would like to send me videos or photos of your child’s work / French practice, I would love to see it! I’ve found the easiest way is through instagram stories, posts, or even private message to our account. Not a fan of instagram? Not to worry! Feel free to send anything my way via email. Just note that sometimes photos/videos can be too large to send!

I will always do my best to respond asap to help encourage your little one 🙂

Are you feeling “behind” on your weekly plans?

It’s impossible to be “behind”! Complete your plans at a pace that works for you and your child. 🙂

Extra French Practice : Madame Amy’s Classroom

If you are looking for extra French resources and practice to support this week’s learning, click the link below (p.s. the link to the classroom changes each week). This is a mini website that allows you extra French practice related to each week’s plans! Let your child explore our virtual classroom by clicking on each of the items. 



I so appreciate you all being a part of this JK/SK learning community and I hope you enjoy this week’s French plans.

Madame Amy 🙂