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Follow the weekly plan below step-by-step OR in any order you desire. The ultimate goal is to make the learning quick, easy, and fun!

This week we’re talking about “les contraires” (opposities), “beaucoup” (a lot) vs. “un peu” (a little), and “l’eau, l’air, et la terre” (water, air, and earth) in science and outdoor ed. There’s much fun to be had les amis- on y va!

Here’s a link with all the accompanying downloads for this week.

Extra Resources:

Click the link at the end of each weekly plan to access “Madame Amy’s classroom” for extra French resources and support related to the week’s plans.

This week’s focus: Name writing, the alphabet, common words/phrases

Step 1. Watch the parent & child video

Step 2. Complete this week’s task.

Step 3. Complete this week’s letters and words of the week activities.

I didn’t find the need to explain anything specific to parents this week! I’ve done my best to ensure the parent & child videos provide the pronunciation and vocabulary needed to understand. The activities this week have all the instructions you will need :).


Step 1. Parent & Child Video

Step 2. This Week’s French Tasks:

Les contraires: After watching this week’s Parent & Child French class, help your child think a “contraire”. They can choose to take photos of the two opposites or draw them. 

Books Suggestions from our Scholastics online library:

  • Madame Amy reads “Long cou, petit cou” (Long neck, little neck) in our parent & child French class this week. Be sure to look it up in our online library if you’d like to practice it by yourself throughout the week!
  • “Des oiseaux sur la plage” (Birds on the beach) is great for practicing action words and is relevant to our science this week.
  • Username: student   Password: reading1
  • Please do not share this with anyone. It is a paid service that has been purchased for 123 Petits Pas participants only! Merci!!

Step 3. Les lettres / mots de la semaine: Fun worksheets to practice our letters / words of the week:

Les mots de la semaine: Un peu beaucoup
This worksheet is found in the Math section this week! 🙂

MAKE IT FUN! <- click here to see different ways to complete this task

Ma routine du soir: I’m placing this here again as a reminder in case you didn’t have time to complete this activity last week! Click the image to open the instructions and pronunciation guide.

L’alphabet: For continued alphabet practice!

This week’s focus: Counting from 1 – 10 using ten frames, an intro to addition and subtraction, and comparing when there’s a lot (beaucoup) vs. a little (un peu). 

Step 1. Parent & Child Video

Task 1. Ten Frame Game. A fun way to practice counting and an easy introduction to addition and subtraction! Click the image below to open the game board, cards, and instructions. Have fun!

Task 2. Beaucoup vs. un peu

Help your child compare the images in this 2 page worksheet. Which image has “beaucoup” (a lot) and which image has “un peu” (a little)?

Get them to “encercle la bonne réponse” (circle the right answer).
Pronounced: “aw-sair-cluh lah bun ray-pohws”.

Pronunciation Tips:
In French to say “a lot of something” you say “beaucoup de ______”, pronounced “boh-coo duh”. 
To say a little of something, you say “un peu de ______”, pronounced “uh puh duh”

  • Example: Beaucoup de bonbons vs. Un peu de bonbons (A lot of candy vs. a little bit of candy)

Other words in the worksheet: 

  • bonbons = “bohw-bohw” (candy)
  • feuilles = “fuh-ee” (leaves)
  • poissons = “pwah-sohw” (fish)
  • pizza = pizza!

MAKE IT FUN! <- Fun ideas on how to practice your French counting

This week’s topic:  L’eau, l’air, la terre (water, air, earth)

Step 1. Parent & Child Video

This week’s topic:

  • What goes in the water? What goes in the sky? What stays on land?

L’air, l’eau, la terre?: We’re going to cut, sort, and glue some items into their correct places! Click on the image below for instructions! (We’ll be just just exactly as Mme Amy did in our parent & child French science lesson today).

Outdoor activities related to this week’s learning:

This week’s outdoor activity is to simply take your child outside and to have them observe what kinds of living things they see on the ground vs. in water vs. in the air!
Take photos and then make a tally chart when you’re back home to see how many things you found dans l’eau, l’air, ou sur la terre! Did you see “beaucoup” of something? Did you see “un peu” of something else? 🙂

Sample question: “Qu’est-ce que tu vois?” (What do you see?) 
Pron: “kess kuh tew vwah?”  
Response: “Je vois un/une _______” (I see a _______) un = masculin thing, une = feminine thing
Pron: “Juh vwah uh / ewn ___” 

“Ou?” = where, pron: “oo”

Dans l’eau = in the water, pron: “daw loh”
Par terre = on the ground/floor, pron: “pahr tair”
Dans le ciel = in the sky, pron: “daw luh see-ell”


“Je vois une grenouille dans l’eau!” = I see a frog in the water! 
Pron: “juh vwah ewn gruh-noo-ee daw loh”

“Je vois un ver de terre par terre.” = I see a worm on the ground.
Pron: “Juh vwah uh vair duh tair pahr tair.”

“Je vois un oiseau dans le ciel.” = I see a bird in the sky!
Pron: “juh vwah uh nwah-zoh daw luh see-ell”

Helpful Outdoor Vocabulary:

Messages to Madame

If you would like to send me videos or photos of your child’s work / French practice, I would love to see it! I’ve found the easiest way is through instagram stories, posts, or even private message to our account. Not a fan of instagram? Not to worry! Feel free to send anything my way via email. Just note that sometimes photos/videos can be too large to send!

I will always do my best to respond asap to help encourage your little one 🙂

Extra French Practice : Madame Amy’s Classroom

If you are looking for extra French resources and practice to support this week’s learning, click the link below (p.s. the link to the classroom changes each week). This is a mini website that allows you extra French practice related to each week’s plans! Let your child explore our virtual classroom by clicking on each of the items. 



I so appreciate you all being a part of this JK/SK learning community and I hope you enjoy this week’s French plans. Always know that I am here and happy to accept feedback and answer questions as we go about your fall program with 123 Petits Pas.

Madame Amy 🙂