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Follow the weekly plan below step-by-step OR in any order you desire. The ultimate goal is to make the learning quick, easy, and fun!

This week we’re talking about “j’ai”, practicing our opposites, playing a movement math game, finding what’s missing in counting sequences, and building boats!

Here’s a link with all the accompanying downloads for this week.

Extra Resources:

Click the link at the end of each weekly plan to access “Madame Amy’s classroom” for extra French resources and support related to the week’s plans.

This week’s focus: Name writing, the alphabet, common words/phrases

Step 1. Watch the parent instructions video. 

Step 2. Watch the parent & child video

Step 3. Complete this week’s task.

Step 4. Complete this week’s letters and words of the week activities.


Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

If you enjoyed the new “Bonjour” song, you can find a cute live session of the original version here by Les Déménageurs

Step 3. This Week’s French Tasks:

Les contraires: Here’s a worksheet to help practice our opposites vocabulary (click for English translation help). Match the image to its opposite.

Colour by number – Le jour du Souvenir: Here’s a little Remembrance day activity for those who wish to do something to celebrate Canada’s remembrance day. See Madame Amy’s virtual classroom for a short video clip on Remembrance day.

Step 4. Les lettres / mots de la semaine: Fun worksheets to practice our letters / words of the week:

MAKE IT FUN! <- click here to see different ways to complete this task

L’alphabet: For continued alphabet practice!

This week’s focus: Counting from 1 – 10 using ten frames, an intro to addition and subtraction, and comparing when there’s a lot (beaucoup) vs. a little (un peu). 

Does your child already know how? Wonderful! Just like with any regular kindergarten class, we need to start from the basics to ensure everyone is on the same page. Not to worry, we will build upon our knowledge and the classes will get more advanced as we go. 

Parent & Child Video

Task 1. Movement Cards Game. This is a physical education / math game. We play it in the parent & child class above (watch for instructions & pronunciation help!), once you’ve completed the lesson, download the game cards below, grab dice, and off you go! 

Task 2. Fill in the blanks. Just like in today’s lesson, help Mme Amy fill in the missing numbers!

MAKE IT FUN! <- Fun ideas on how to practice your French counting

This week’s topic:STEM project – build a boat that floats!

Step 1. Parent Instructions Video

Step 2. Parent & Child Video

This week’s topic:

  • We’re completing our very first “STEM Project”. Be sure to watch the 60 second parent explanations video for an explanation on what STEM means! 
  • WHY? Skills attained through STEM education include: problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, decision making, leadership, entrepreneurship, acceptance of failure and more.


Build a boat:After watching the parent & child lesson, present your child with various items that you already have lying around the house (or in nature- see outdoor lesson for example!), and allow him/her to attempt to build a boat that floats in water.

Help them to complete their scientific journal below (click image to download english translation for assistance). Do they think it will float? If it does float, what can it carry?

How can we learn this week’s content outside?
Make a nature boat! This week’s STEM project can easily be taken outdoors if you’re looking for some fun learning in nature.

Count with sticks or items in nature: Draw numbers in dirt, or make numbers out of twigs, then have your child fill in the blanks, just like we did during this week’s math lesson!

Helpful Outdoor Vocabulary:

Messages to Madame

If you would like to send me videos or photos of your child’s work / French practice, I would love to see it! I’ve found the easiest way is through instagram stories, posts, or even private message to our account. Not a fan of instagram? Not to worry! Feel free to send anything my way via email. Just note that sometimes photos/videos can be too large to send!

I will always do my best to respond asap to help encourage your little one 🙂

Extra French Practice : Madame Amy’s Classroom

If you are looking for extra French resources and practice to support this week’s learning, click the link below (p.s. the link to the classroom changes each week). This is a mini website that allows you extra French practice related to each week’s plans! Let your child explore our virtual classroom by clicking on each of the items. 



I so appreciate you all being a part of this JK/SK learning community and I hope you enjoy this week’s French plans. Always know that I am here and happy to accept feedback and answer questions as we go about your fall program with 123 Petits Pas.

Madame Amy 🙂