123 Petits Pas: Where French learning is a hobby, not just a school subject!

123 Petits Pas Inc. offers two pre-recorded courses. One for parents and children ages 0-4 years, and the other is our educator enrichment course. Choose which one matches your needs below:
Psst… If you’re looking for our live online classes for parents & children ages 0-6yrs, you’ll want to go here instead.


This course is perfect for parents and children ages 0-4 years who are looking to learn beginner French together.

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This course is perfect for educators or caregivers of children ages 0-8 years who are looking for music, activities, and tools to teach engaging French lessons.

This program meets the requirements for the majority of education-related professional development funding throughout Canada. Most educators have received financial support from their employers or unions – this is worth looking into!

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