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123 Petits Pas Educator Enrichment Course

Watch this video to learn all about 123 Petits Pas’s new enrichment course for educators!

This course has been made with busy educator lifestyles in mind. You follow the modules, step-by-step, and will leave with a full French teaching toolbox, equipped and ready to engage students at a moment’s notice!

ALL content can be used with in-person or online teaching!

Before taking this course I was unsure of how to introduce French and so I avoided doing it. Now I feel more comfortable and confident to sing & teach French throughout my lessons. I’m really excited to use the resources provided, I think they’re great tools for students and educators. This is a great program and I love that there is an opportunity for a certificate that can be added to our resumes, portfolios, and CPLs.

Tiffany Drummond

Owner/Director at ProCare Family Centre Inc., Algonquin Faculty Supervisor for ECE placement

La formation pour éducateurs est une mine d’or! Elle vous offrira de nombreuses ressources et des exemples de leçons très dynamiques. Excellent pour se mettre en confiance avant la rentrée des classes. Je la recommande chaleureusement aux personnes ayant déjà de l’expérience en enseignement (comme moi) ou aux « débutants » 😃👌

Manon Pirlot

Francophone Classroom Teacher

Merci Madame Amy for creating the Virtual French Educator’s Course through 123 Petits Pas. As a Children’s Librarian, I am always curious for new ways to make French learning fun and effective for my young participants in Bilingual Storytime. I have learned new songs, activities, and techniques to use while delivering my French programs to engage young learners. Amy is a great teacher for both children and adults and shares her enthusiasm through this virtual program. Merci mille fois!


Essa Public Library

A Toolbox to enrich your teaching

Lacking ideas, resources, or motivation for French teaching? Looking for easy, engaging activities that require very little preparation on your part?

The “123 Petits Pas Educator Enrichment Course” has it all. Our goal is to give you all the tangible tools you require to engage your students in their French learning.

At 123 Petits Pas, we turn French learning into a hobby. Not only will we help you do the same for your students, but we promise to make this educator course as enjoyable and as useful as possible to YOU. 

How is this different from other Professional Development opportunities?

No theory. 100% activity-based content.

This course is full of tangible tools & activities that you can begin using within your lessons immediately.

We know you’re busy, we’ve cut straight to the chase. Each module’s video has been made to be as short & sweet as possible while ensuring that every minute is spent on providing you with tips, tricks, tunes, and activities to use with your students ASAP.

for use online or in-person

All content can be used to teach in-person or online!

Videos crafted by Amy Maan of 123 Petits Pas
  • A registered French as a second language teacher in Ontario, Canada
  • Founder of 123 Petits Pas, 5 star review in-person and online French classes for families with children ages 0-9years.
  • With an educational background in theatre and French as a second language teaching, Amy Maan specializes in teaching French through music, movement, mystery, and laughter.
  • Her goal? For students to see French learning as a hobby vs. a school subject.
  • “Madame Amy”‘s 123 Petits Pas method of French teaching has now been tried and tested with over 2000 participants to date.
Government Funded Program

123 Petits Pas Inc. was awarded a grant through the government-funded project entitled “Bilingual Ottawa” by l’Association des Communautés Francophones d’Ottawa in order to bring this project to light. We are so excited to help support and increase Canada’s bilingualism through this certification course. 

Who is this for?

Anyone working with children ages 0-9 years with an interest in running fun French circle times and engaging French lessons. Ex: Primary teachers, ECE’s, childcare providers, homeschooling parents, etc.

How long do I have access to all content?

Your one-time purchase allows you unlimited access for as long as you need it!

How does this help educators who have been assigned to teach online?

This entire course is full of activities that can be used for both in-person and online teaching. There is also a module specific to providing tips, tricks, and tools for online education. 

I am a childcare centre / school / school board / representative looking to purchase this course for a group of educators.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to receive details on our group rates and packages. 

What can I expect to get out of this course?

I hope you leave this course with a new found excitement and confidence for French teaching in-person or online. But the tangible tools? You’ll get an album of new educational French tunes, an action song video database, fun French printable documents, flash cards, an easy lesson planning template, sample lessons and activities, new & fun vocabulary teaching strategies, mini workshops on creating your own worksheets and online presentations and books – in short, a brand new French educational toolbox for you to use throughout the rest of your career. If you choose to complete the certification, you’ll also leave with a certificate as proof that you’ve put in the time and effort to be an engaging and dynamic French educator!

What level of French teaching is this geared towards?

Whether you’re teaching full French, French immersion, core French, or simple French circle times, all levels will benefit from these activities and teaching strategies!

Does this course certify me to be a French teacher?

This enrichment course is a great addition to an ECE, homeschooling parent, childcare provider, or primary teacher’s portfolio or resume, but it does not replace the necessary education required to become a professional educator. 
123 Petits Pas Inc. will not be held responsible for ensuring that registrants of this course have the required background, experience, or certifications for their profession, as anyone with an interest is permitted to register for this course.

Do I have to be bilingual to take this course?

No. The explanations (the WHY and the HOW) are in English in order to allow even beginner French learners to benefit from this course. All content however (the WHAT, ex: the songs, the activities, the downloads) is in French as this course is geared toward those teaching French to children. 
If you have zero French knowledge, we highly recommend taking our beginner French course alongside this certification course to get you ready for French teaching. Educator Enrichment Course registrants receive a 50% discount on our pre-recorded course for parents and children. E-mail us for details: [email protected] 

How long does this course take to complete?

This course can be completed at your own pace. There is no “due date” for completion, and you can repeat it as many times as you like. You could choose to complete its entirety within a few weeks, or you could take your time by gradually implementing each module into your teaching, and complete it over several months. 

In terms of commitment time, this course has been made with busy educators in mind. The modules are activity & resource-based, making every minute worth your time. They are kept short and sweet (approximately 20-35minutes in length), but will require repeat viewings in order to learn the songs, games, and activities. Despite the fact that the modules are short and sweet, the content learned in this course will provide you with infinite hours of teaching content that can be used throughout the remainder of your career. 

How am I permitted to use the course content?

Registrants are permitted to use the course content with their students / children in their care (ex: teachers, ECEs, childcare providers, etc.). Registrants are not permitted to share the content with those who are not registered to the program. The content of this course may not be modified, copied, reproduced, re-published, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way and may not be used for any profit-making activities or any commercial gain. It is meant as an enrichment opportunity for educators / caregivers. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on the subject: [email protected]


Eight pre-recorded modules

The 8 modules cover 123 Petits Pas’ keys to engaging French education. Each module consists of a quick explanation, followed by example activities that can be implemented into your lessons immediately. Complete this course on your own time, when it fits best in your schedule.

Accompanying Downloads

Downloadable songs, fun worksheets, helpful flashcards, an educator handbook, and French lesson planning templates are included in this course. There are over 40 downloads that accompany this program (at no additional cost to registrants). The downloads alone are valued at over $200 CAN.


Registrants are encouraged to send questions and feedback via throughout the duration of their course, and even afterwards! Know that you will always have somewhere to turn for French education-related support.

Resource Library

So you can easily pull up your favourite action song for use at any point in your teaching!

Professional Feedback

Part of the certification course allows you the opportunity to create your own French lessons and receive helpful feedback from 123 Petits Pas.

Special Discounts

As a participant of our educator certification program, you will forever receive a special discount on all 123 Petits Pas educational products.

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